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A good group of creatives engaged and seriously enthused about bringing your ideas and visions to a pivotal finish. We know what we are immensely talented at.

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John Boros

Founder & Director

The captain and anchor of our ship, guiding his crew with a father’s compassion and an uncle’s knack for mischief.

Ryan Trautmann

Animator & Editor

Born with the eyes of an eagle, this man meticulously creates breathtaking visuals with original style and grace.

Hannah Neumann

Producer & Logistics

The company firefighter who circumvents danger and acts as the glue that keeps our branches connected.

Jon Curtis

Production Manager

Jon keeps productions running smoothly through gratuitous planning and lightning fast reflexes.

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  • Our job is fun. Working with our team is fun. Let’s enjoy work, together.

    — John Boros —


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